I am a White Male American

That means that I was born to my parents who were who they were, and in the case of my mother, is. My story of physical existance began there and will end here on Earth when I die. Beyond that I am who I am not because of the fact, that I am a caucasion, privledged to be born in the United States of America and I am a guy, but because of the circumstances into which I was born. That does include those 3 facts but it leaves out all the experiences and life lessons I haved been exposed to and what I did or did not do with them. It has not been all good or all bad but we all fight between the extremes of good and evil.

The short story is that I was born in West Virginia, raised in Alabama and then as an adult spent almost 20 years in Mexico. Now back in the United States I tell people that I was born a Hillbilly, raised a Redneck and then went to Mexico and found culture. That is a funny way of expressing who I am and there is some truth there but there is so much more:

People I Admire in No Particular Order

Jesus Christ

Ronald Reagan

Dr. Martin Luther King

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Condoleezza Rice

Dr. Ben Carson

Hellen Keller

Donald Trump

Amelia Earhart

Dr. George Washington Carver

Dr. Albert Einstein

Norman Rockwell

James A. Michener

Nelson Mandela

Billy Graham

Why I am Doing this

Your race, sex and birthplace does not define a person.

Too many people believe they do.

It does contribute to who you are but it is often used as an excuse for not being who you can be.

"All people are born into unique circumstances.
Some into an existence where they are given it all.
Some so terrible that even their chance of survival
Is something that most in America can't conceive.
The struggle of many who still manage to succeed
Eliminates the excuses that we often use for failure.
Should make us be responsible of the gifts from God
And inspire us to make a difference, is what I beleive."
Mike Garber

"I believe in God and in Christ who came here to us to show us what Love IS."